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This website is a collaborative writing platform. If you have any questions, please contact me.


This website is not the owner of the content it contains. It acts as a data conduit as described in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Thus if you are the owner of copyrighted material transmitted by this website, then you must deal directly with the member of this website who posted the content. However, this website doesn't store contact information for its members, so after you have filed a complaint as described below, the content will be removed, and the member's home-screen will contain a message including your contact information and the details of the copyright complaint. The next time they visit their home-screen, they will be able to contact you to follow up with the complaint.

If you have a copyright complaint, please tell me and include the frothing.com url that contains the alleged content, identification of the work claimed to have been infringed including the name and reply email address of the copyright holder/representative, an assertion that the use of the material is not authorized, and an assertion that the person sending this message is the copyright holder/representative.

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This is a non-profit project maintained by a single individual. The website runs on a hardened AWS instance and reasonable effort is made to resist attack; however, a well funded, determined individual could gain control of the server and all its content.


This service exists for the creation of public documents. Although documents can be private, or shared with only certain individuals while in draft, it is expected that all content entered into this site will eventually become public and should be treated as such. The details released from your login with Google are only those already publicly available on your Google+ profile and will be treated as public information within this site.